Patizon G 400 - the lightest sleeping bags in its category.

Patizon G 400 Daunenschlafsack

Patizon G 400 - Our lightest model is for those who need to go fast and light to the core. This is one of the lightest sleeping bags in its category. It is dedicated to those that need to save every gram: the trekkers and thru-hikers, to the big wall climbers and alpinists, to the long-distance bikers or ski alpinists sleeping in the winter huts.

The G400 has a newly shaped hood with better down distribution and full-length semiautomatic YKK zipper.

Patizon G 400

Patizon G 400

The G400 has a newly shaped hood with better down distribution and full-length semiautomatic YKK zipper.


  • BEST FOR: spring | summer | autumn (up to 6000 m n. m.)
  • TEMPERATURES: 2°C, -3°C, -19°C ( EN 13537 )
  • TOTAL WEIGHT: 731 g (M) | 780 g (L)
  • FILLING: European Goose Down 90/10, 750+ cu-in/oz
  • FILLING WEIGHT: 400 g (M) | 429 g (L)
  • full lenght M: 192 cm (for height 155 – 185 cm)
  • full lenght L: 212 cm (for height 175 – 205 cm)
  • width in ears 49 cm
  • width in shoulders 72 cm
  • width in hips 61 cm
  • width in ankles 40 cm
  • Color: Black-gold
  • Color: Blue-gold
  • Color: grey-gold
  • Color: gold-grey


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Patizon G 400 - Importent Details

  • We use high-quality European goose down with IDFL and RDS certificates.
  • The down is hypoallergenic with 750+ cuin fill power.
  • We use extremely lightweight fabric: Toray TOREX™ Airtastic™ DWR (100% nylon, 28g/m2). It provides an exceptional breathability yet good tear and water resistance.
  • Ergonomically shaped foot box providing the best comfort for your feet.
  • Semi-automatic YKK zipper with two sliders and unique way of operation. Ending at the height of ankles.
  • The zipper is 3mm thin instead of widely used 6mm. This means better insulation and weight savings.
  • Precisely shaped insulation baffles preventing the heat loss even without any buckles or velcroes.
  • The newly shaped hood closes easily with one-hand operated draw cord.
  • Compression bag with DWR compresses the sleeping bag 13 times the volume. It is delivered with every sleeping bag.
  • “Z” construction of the boxes for the ideal distribution of the down.
  • The zipper on the left side (better for right-handed)
  • Sewn points for hanging the sleeping bag when in storage or when drying.
Patizon G 400 - One hand adjustable hood
One hand adjustable hood
Patizon G 400 - Inner pocket
Inner pocket
Patizon G 400 - Semi-automatic zipper: Go mode
Semi-automatic zipper: Go mode
Patizon G 400 - Ergonomically shaped zipper puller
Ergonomically zipper puller
  • Breathable storage bag made of brushed polyester included.
  • Inner pocket-sized 20 x 20 cm for batteries, cell phones or other personal belongings.
  • Down-filled zipper baffle preventing heat loss through the zipper.
  • Inner short flap preventing the fabric from catching to the zipper.
  • One-hand draw card operation on the shoulder baffle and the hood.
  • Ergonomically shaped hood allows head movement.
Patizon 400 - Anatomically shaped footbox
Anatomically shaped footbox
Patizon G 400 - Insulated inner baffle
Insulated inner baffle
Patizon G 400 - Semi-automatic zipper: Stop mode
Semi-automatic zipper: Stop mode
Patizon G 400 - Two zipper sliders
Two zipper sliders
  • Insulated baffle around the hood is filled with Primaloft synthetic insulation. It works better with the moisture you breath out and it adds extra comfort around the drawcord.
  • The mummy shape of the sleeping bag copy the shape of your body to prevent heat loss, but still allows you to reach your feet even when fully closed (to put dry socks on, for example).


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Delivery times - why are longer delivery times?

Every customer wants to receive his new "dream sleeping bag" in a top quality. In this case, the down filling should not be compressed for a very long time by the packaging and storage in order not to impair the natural buoyancy of the down. Therefore, high-quality down sleeping bags from well-known manufactures are only filled with down at the time of ordering. This ensures that every customer gets a "hand warm" sleeping bag in top quality.

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