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The swing series is manufactured at Valandre with the same precision and attention to detail as the Elite sleeping bags. Unlike its bigger brothers not down the Greylag, but Pyrenean "thick" duck down is used in the Swing series. If you are looking for a sleeping bag with a top price / performance ratio, the Valandre Swing series is the first choice.

Valandre Swing 700 NEO

Valandre Swing 700 NEO

The sophisticated 3 season sleeping bag.

An excellent companion for all trekkers, campers and for travelers who are not afraid of colder temperatures. The SWING 700 NEO is a true entry-level sleeping bag where the price plays a role without compromising durability, quality and safety.

  • Extreme : -22°F/ -30.3°C
  • Limit of comfort : 13°F/ -10.8°C
  • Comfort : 25°F/ -4.2°C With over 30 years of experience producing and supplying down products, our experience says -15°C (5°F) in limit of comfort.
  • Outside fabric : 100% Polyamide Nylon 6-6 Ripstop 38.7g/m2 DWR treatment Asahi-KASEI
  • Inside fabric : 100% Polyester 40.8g/m2 DWR treatment Asahi-KASEI
  • Compartments : 17 compartments, mounted using straight H box walls.
  • Down quality : Duck 90/10, Filled with our 90/10 "fatty" gray duck from the South West of France. A unique and totally mature down quality, that have a filling power of 650+ cuin (EU Norms) 700+ (US Norms). A strong long lasting quality down with excellent moisture resistance.
  • Colors: Blue / Maroon
  • New: with Innerpoket

Swing 700




Length(out) : in




Length(in) : in




Shoulder : in




Hip : in




Foot : in




Compressed Volume: in3




Total weight : lb / oz




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Test Valandre Swing 700 - gets outdoor purchase tip 06/2017

Test Valandre Swing 700 - gets outdoor purchase tip 06/2017

The swing series are the most attractive down models of Valandre. You do not have to compromise: The Swing 700 insulates top and weighs little, the thread is protected from sharp toe nails by elaborately seamed chamber walls. The solid materials guarantee a long life. The other strengths include a comfortable inner fabric and a wide open hood.
Price: 380 € (M), Weight: 1155 g, Insulated to: -5 / -13 ° C

ALPIN test sleeping bags 09/2016, Valandre Swing 700 receives "Preistipp"

ALPIN TEST-Schlafsäcke 9/16, Valandre Swing 700 erhält Preistipp

Test impression: The sleeping bag is well filled, it is full and plump. Great is the hood: easy to use and with very good fit. On the thermocouple the swing is very good. The foot part is quite tight, the shoulder area is fine. Conclusion: For the money so a sheep sack: is an announcement. Very good down, good insulation, great heat-to-weight ratio. But where does the price come from, the chambers are continuous. Noticeable is the particularly warm footbox.

The Valandre Swing 700 is awarded the ALPIN Preistipp!

outdoor Test-down sleeping bag, Valandre Swing 700 gets "buy tip"

Valandre Swing 700 erhält OUTDOOR "Kauftipp"

Still the down sleeping bag Swing 700 from Valandré for 310 Euro is an insider tip. But that could change soon, because it sets standards in its price range. For example, the outdoor laboratory found a temperature range of minus 5 / minus 13 degrees - a very good value for a 1155 gram light sleeping bag. The swing features a cozy warm collar, a comfortable hood and a silky inner fabric. The cut has also been successful: spacious in the torso and hip area, while the legs and feet are self-supporting. There is extra praise for the high material and processing quality.

Test report Valandre Swing 700 - in the magazine "trekking"

The Valandre Swing 700 offers the price-conscious entry into the world of high-quality down sleeping bags. Entenaunen from the French Pyrenees, which are protected by the impregnated outer material from moisture are used. The soft polyester inside is pleasantly cuddly and in cold temperatures, the warmth protection collar and the hood can be tightly closed. All in all, Valandre presents a harmonious overall package with good insulation, small pack size and high-quality processing at a fair price.


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Delivery times - why are longer delivery times?

Every customer wants to receive his new "dream sleeping bag" in a top quality. In this case, the down filling should not be compressed for a very long time by the packaging and storage in order not to impair the natural buoyancy of the down. Therefore, high-quality down sleeping bags from well-known manufactures are only filled with down at the time of ordering. This ensures that every customer gets a "hand warm" sleeping bag in top quality.

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