Sir Joseph

SIR JOSEPH produces outstanding functional equipment from the best Bohemian down.

Sir Joseph Expeditionsausrüstung

For more than 30 years, Josef Rakoncaj has been producing high quality, light and functional down sleeping bags and upholstery for up to extreme requirements. Thanks to dozens of our own expeditions, as well as the close cooperation with top mountaineers from all over the world, unique down products are developed, manufactured and tailor made in Turnov (CZ).
With us still an insider tip, the sleeping bags by Sir Joseph because of the high-quality workmanship and materials beside German and American noble forges.

Sir Joseph MINIMIS 320
The lightest sleeping bag by Sir Joseph® for those searching minimalistic weight, excellent packability, and flexibility of use. We have cut the functional details to the most important and chosen the new material Quantum Y by P ... (mehr lesen)
330,00 € ab 297,00 € 2
Sir Joseph Looping II 500
LOOPING 500 sleeping bag is especially designed as summit weapon for all extreme altitude climbers for whose minimalistic weight and alpine style are everyday bread. 170cm sleeping bags models are designed especially for ladies, keeping i ... (mehr lesen)
440,00 € ab 399,00 € 2
Sir Joseph Koteka 500
Ultraleichter 3-Season down sleeping bag with high thermal comfort with low weight and pack volume. The robust outer and inner material weighs only 28g / m2 and thus only about one third of the weight of a normal copy paper. 170cm sleepin ... (mehr lesen)
470,00 € ab 425,00 € 2
Sir Joseph Koteka 850
Winter ultralight down sleeping bag for extremelly low weight and minimal volume devotees. Thanks to ultralight fabric, accessories and top-class down, Koteka sleeping bag has twice lower weight than the clasical sleeping bag with the same w ... (mehr lesen)
550,00 € ab 495,00 € 2
Sir Joseph Looping II 900
LOOPING 900 is winter sleeping bag for extreme altitude climbers and polar adventurers. It enables sleeping on snow and ice without a tent. Bestseller from our Himalaya range. 170cm sleeping bags models are designed especially for ladies, ... (mehr lesen)
660,00 € ab 594,00 € 2
Sir Joseph Looping II 1200
LOOPING 1200 is the warmest sleeping bag from our collection. It is aimed for the most extreme expeditions to high altitude, artic regions. It enables bivouacing on snow, ice  without a tent. One of the most extreme sleeping bags on market. ... (mehr lesen)
730,00 € ab 659,00 € 2
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