Valandre Bloody Mary

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Valandré brings a 3-seasons sleeping bag to the market of all 3-season sleeping bags so far surpassed: the Bloody Mary. Outstanding features are Valandré's Tubular Bell construction, an interchangeable collar system. With just one pull on the zipper you can regulate three different heat zones.

Valandre Bloody Mary

Valandre Bloody Mary

Valandre Bloody Mary - The most versatile, 3-season sleeping bag from Valandre. It is ideal for trekking and alpine climbing. Thanks to its removable Marie- Antoinette warmth collar, it is ready for use from summer to winter. The heat collar can be removed completely in the summer and the sleeping bag can then be used as a blanket, in spring and autumn the less insulating and in the winter the highly insulating warmth collar.

  • Extreme : -25°F / -32.2°C
  • Limit of comfort : 11°F/ -12.2°C
  • Comfort : 23°F/ -5.4°C , With over 30 years of experience producing and supplying down products, our experience says -15°C  in limit of comfort.
  • Outside fabric : 100% Polyamide Nylon 6-6 Ripstop 40.7g/m2 DWR treatment Asahi-KASEI
  • Inside fabric : 100% Polyester 40.8g/m2 DWR treatment Asahi-KASEI
  • Compartments :  18 continuous compartments, using Valandre's second generation tubular technology of H-box wall pre-cut and anatomical shaped baffles.
  • Down quality : Oie 95/05 ,  Filled with our 95/05 "fatty" gray goose from the South West of France. A unique and totally mature down quality, that has a fill power of 800+ cuin (EU Norms) 850+ (US Norms). A strong long lasting quality down with excellent moisture resistance.


Bloody Mary




Length(out) : in




Length(in) : in




Shoulder : in




Hip : in




Foot : in




Compressed Volume: in3




Total weight : lb / oz

2lb 7oz

2lb 9oz

2lb 13oz

Down load : lb oz

 1lb 4oz

  1lb 5oz

 1lb 7oz


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Delivery times - why are longer delivery times?

Every customer wants to receive his new "dream sleeping bag" in a top quality. In this case, the down filling should not be compressed for a very long time by the packaging and storage in order not to impair the natural buoyancy of the down. Therefore, high-quality down sleeping bags from well-known manufactures are only filled with down at the time of ordering. This ensures that every customer gets a "hand warm" sleeping bag in top quality.

Test Valandre Bloody Mary - receives all-round tip in "Bergsteiger" 2/2016

Test Valandre Bloody Marry - erhält Allroundtipp im "Bergsteiger" 2/2016

Strengths: Very light, ergonomic with thick, thick neck collar that heats up quickly. Closure around nose. Long zip and pulls easy to operate. Certified down, ecological, water-repellent.


Weaknesses: Complicated slipping under the pull through tight neck cries, which locks the hands. Hood presses on nose.


Conclusion: heat dissipation extreme sleeping bag. The very light and variable extreme sleeping bag with complicated slip-in and interchangeable cervical collar is great for frogs, but not for claustrophobic. Ideal for expeditions and tours with large temperature fluctuations, also for bivouac.

Test report Valandre Bloody Mary down sleeping bag at "ALPINFIEBER"

Valandré describes the collar itself as the heart of his sleeping bag. Because of the fact that it can be replaced, the sleeping bag covers a much larger area than if the collar were firmly "installed". The collars can be attached to the breast side with a zipper. The winter collar also has a Velcro with which you can attach it on the back. The lighter collar can be stowed in a sewn-in pocket on the inside. Here he does not disturb at all when sleeping. CONCLUSION: With the Bloody Mary I will still spend some cold nights. Thanks to its heat output, the cold remains where it should be, outside.

Test Down sleeping bag Valandre Bloody Mary at ALPIN

Conclusion: Since 2009 the "Bloody Mary" has been on the market and in the meantime has become a modern classic. If the Packsack as well as the "Laundries" have gotten a bit old, the Valandré can still convince with the really decisive criteria: materials, workmanship, construction, building power and equipment - everything is top. The overall package is therefore the best thing you can buy in the down area for money. So much quality has its price. Prominent 519,00 Euro must be put on the table for the Frenchman in size M. According to the manufacturer, the "best three-season sleeping bag in the world" is also available. There was a lot of debate about this, because there are models, which have the nose in the front, as far as the ratio of heat output to weight is concerned. In terms of variability, however, "Bloody Mary" still defines the standard in its class.

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